The most important shot in golf, is the next one.
Ben Hogan

History of BGC

History of BGC

A sport synonymous with elites of the society, golf is a symbolism of grandeur and elegance. Hence a golf course cannot be a part of a mere sports complex ever. With a proud legacy as the oldest Golf course outside the British Isles, BGC is a landmark of the city’s history that represents the class and poise of Bengaluru's crème de la crème.

Managing Committee

The successful running of BGC is only possible due to the hard work and support received by an annually elected body of members that form the Managing Committee. Every team that takes over has superseded the expectations of members and visitors. Each of the members of the MC have specific portfolios that have been allocated to them under the able guidance of the Captain, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and the Immediate Past Captain. 


As a member of BGC, you get access to an incredible array of facilities and get to play golf without paying green fees. Enjoy exclusive access to multiple restaurants, bars, two world class gyms, golf practice facilities, yoga classes and more. BGC is also an incredible and private place to be the perfect host by bringing guests to the restaurants & bars, hosting a private party at one of our many banquet locations, to booking a top class room for your outstation guests in the middle of the city amidst a lush, green golf course. 

Go Green

A beautiful ecosystem with its incredible collection of flora and fauna, Bangalore Golf Course is a treat for the eyes. With its soft and wavy green terrain with tree lines and water bodies strewn all over the vast property, BGC is a fascinating medley of colors.

Crow Trust

"Empower and inspire" is an impactful one-liner that resonates well with the CROW Trust under BGC. BGC Caddies Reach Out Welfare (CROW) was started in 2018, aspiring to educate the 110 children of the 68 employees. The Trust was bestowed with an annual pledge of 20 Lakhs by four members of the BGC. Teed off with the vision of opening up a world of opportunities for children of the caddies, the course and support staff, the CROW Trust funds their children’s education to expose them to better opportunities.


The Bangalore Golf Club is one of the most prestigious clubs in the country. As a consequence our relationships with various other elite clubs across the country, and internationally, afford our members the opportunity to use their facilities, and stay at these clubs, as reciprocal or affiliated members. These are perfect holiday venues and a great opportunity to soak in the history of several cities domestically and globally.