Golf is an easy game … its just hard to play.
The Course
18 holes deftly packed into 60 acres. Carefully planned drives. An impeccable short game. Two water bodies and strategically planned bunkers 
Dress Code
Yes, there is a dress code on the course. To familiarize yourself with what is accepted and not, please read the information below. Additionally, we also follow a dress code at the club houses at BGC. Male members and their guests are required to wear smart casuals or formals - full-length trousers or jeans paired with a collared shirt/ t-shirt and shoes. 
Professional coaches at BGC help aspiring and proficcient golfers develop and improve their game. Focused one on one coaching through multiple sessions on the range and course ensure that golfers work on various aspects of their range from driving, to iron play, to mastering bunkers, chipping and putting. Our coaches work with students of the game on a long term basis to build capability in a structured, sound manner. Lessons are reasonably priced and are widely sought after by a large cross section of golfers. 
Driving range
BGC offers a fully lit golf driving range in the heart of the city. Take advantage of this convenience to work on various aspects of the game 6 days a week after 6.30pm. The driving range offers well spread out bays and clearly visible distance markers to ensure that golfers can practice short irons, mid irons, long irons and woods. Be prepared to get a ton of free advice from some of the more ardent users of the range and interact with other users to help self analyze your game.
Junior Golf
BGC has a proud tradition of helping develop Junior Golfers who have gone on to compete at both a national and international level. Our keenly sought after Junior Golf Development Program at BGC helps groom boys and girls right from the age of 5 through a well-rounded, structured and result oriented training regimen. 
Pro shop
The Pro Shop at BGC is a popular pit stop for members and guests. The well stocked shop offers golf clubs, trendy apparel, footwear, golf balls, and a host of golf accessories. Special member discounts are also a keen draw along with the fact that the pro shop at BGC stocks the latest from the world of golf globally. Other services on offer also include club repair and grip/ shaft fitting.