Demonstrating a willingness to become environmentally sustainable.


Bangalore Golf Course started with browns, which were later converted to greens, trees and deep ditches, the major hazard on the course is the Bangalore crow that often picks up the ball, mistaking it for an egg. It is therefore, not surprising that the logo of the Bangalore Golf Club depicts a Crow with a ball in its beak. Though the fairways at the Bangalore Golf Club are fairly dry and sandy, the greens are lush and well manicured. Drives have to be well planned to avoid the rocky parts of the fairway, where the ball tends to veer off and change direction. The greens are invariably trapped by large bunkers. A large number of flowering trees, which include the colorful gulmohar, palm and eucalyptus, are planted along the tight fairways. The course is remarkable in that 18 holes have been deftly packed into just 60 acres of land.


increasing number of golf courses including the one at Bangalore Golf Club, are demonstrating a willingness to become more environmentally sustainable by implementing programs and initiatives aimed at greening the design, construction and operations of their courses. Initiatives at our course include new maintenance techniques that support the environment. In this new and increasingly sustainable era, BGC provides habitat for several birds and plant species, uses treatment and filtration systems for converting millions of litres of waste water into usable water for the course, and continues to help raise awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting our natural resources.


The lush vegetation of the Bangalore Golf Club attracts its fair share of exotic birds, along with the large numbers of crows (Corvus splendens) that are somehow attracted to the golf balls on the fairway!


The golf course at the Bangalore Golf Club has over 2000 trees from 75 species along the fairways, around the Tertiary Treatment Plant, beside the open pond, near the guesthouse and at the entrance.