A sustainable world is the future haven of life.
A beautiful ecosystem with its incredible collection of flora and fauna, Bangalore Golf Course is a treat for the eyes. With its soft and wavy green terrain with tree lines and water bodies strewn all over the vast property, BGC is a fascinating medley of colors.

A proud legacy of sustainability, BGC is one of the earliest architectural models to use recycled effluent water for irrigation of tees, fairways & greens. Its proud legacy of close to 150 years is a testimony to its important role as vital lung space to central Bengaluru.
The sheer beauty of the golf course with its well manicured turf is truly a treat to play on. What makes it even more remarkable are the amazing plants, trees and birds that frequent the course. An abundance of flying friends include local and migratory species of the little chirpies! Our logo is even inspired by a common sight at BGC - crows & kites playing with golf balls, or if you are unlucky even picking up a ball and making off with it.

With over 2000 trees covering the entire span of the golf course, the various seasons bring in a colorful display throughout the year with several varieties of blooming flowers all around. BGC is a true reminder of the past, that stands tall and proud amid a changing, modern world.