Crow Trust

Giving Back

"Empower and inspire" is an impactful one-liner that resonates well with the CROW Trust under BGC. BGC Caddies Reach Out Welfare (CROW) was started in 2018, aspiring to educate the 110 children of the 68 employees. The Trust was bestowed with an annual pledge of 20 Lakhs by four members of the BGC. Teed off with the vision of opening up a world of opportunities for children of the caddies, the course and support staff, the CROW Trust funds their children’s education to expose them to better opportunities.

The success of the 1st phase has paved the way for more fundraisers and charitable events, and thankfully, CROW seems to be growing bigger and better. With 192 children under its wings, over 50 Lakh Indian rupee was spent on various essential causes in 2019 alone. Further, during the Covid related lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 The Crow Trust, along with member contributions, played a key role in ensuring that all caddies received a stipend to see them through the difficult times. Be a part of this life changing cause and help it reach a bigger crowd. Sponsor the lifetime education of a child through the CROW trust program at BGC. Contact us to learn more.